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The name Karoo comes from an ancient San word meaning Land of Great Thirst, a reference to the arid landscape and harsh climate. The Karoo is split into roughly two sections: the e

The Klein Karoo forms part of South Africa’s Succulent Karoo Biome, which is identified as one of the country’s three biodiversity hotspots. It is situated in the Western Cape,

The water shed moment came with Covid when we return to South Africa and continued to work from the farm. Our passion to restore, protect and preserve

We aim to preserve this area’s rich biodiversity and natural beauty while providing a safe haven for indigenous wildlife. We are privileged to have access to guidance

Meet some of our animals on the farm. Our farm is equipped with several bush cameras to capture images and videos of animals in their natural habitats. Most of all

We have bugs & bees and we love them! The presence of insects, amphibians and reptiles are a good indicator to the health of an ecosystem. We have a number of

Quartz Field are of particular importance in the conservation of the Succulent Karoo due to the unique microhabitat that it creates.  The Aardvark Bioreserve lies in a geological